In His Own Image Outreach Ministries LLC.

"Equipping People who are In Need of Change" -- Genesis 1:27a


Equipping People Who Are In Need Of Change!


Our global targeting populations are: 

(1) Families around the world who are living in substandard conditions, 

(2) Inmates who are currently incarcerated, and 

(3) Returning citizens and their families.

Aid in improving lives through ministering to the human need from a godly perspective to

(1) Families around the world who are living in substandard conditions (physically, financially, socially, and spiritually

(2) Inmates who are currently incarcerated, and Returning citizens and their families.


(3) Providing practical coaching and life-skills training to those who may not have an opportunity to change, allowing the Word of God to transform lives into His Image and Likeness.

(4) Increasing awareness and knowledge of the principles and promises of God through demonstration, evangelism and discipleship training.

(5) Encouraging people to strive toward a common goal (unity) by duplicating what they’ve learned. 

(6) Empowering people to develop and flourish in their communities by teaching practical concepts, gaining resources and entrepreneurial skills.